Making Teams: A Candid Interview with Brannon of Brooks Beasts

Brannon Kidder of the Brooks Beasts, Lyvecap athletes

In the competitive arena of professional track and field, Brannon of the Brooks Beasts Track Club emerges as a distinguished figure. As the longest-tenured member of his team, Brannon's journey is not just about fast times but a story of passion, resilience, and the pursuit of personal bests. We caught up with him to talk about his career, challenges, and what keeps him lacing up his running shoes.

Q: Could you tell us about your early life and how you began running?

A: I grew up in Ohio, sticking to the same neighborhood from ages 2 to 18. My running journey began in seventh grade, and it quickly took over my life. By high school, I had given up all other sports for track. I then took my passion to Penn State, where I competed in college athletics. Joining the Brooks Beasts in 2016 was a dream come true, marking the start of my professional journey.

Q: What specific diet or nutrition plan do you follow to fuel your running?

A: My mantra is simple: Sleep well, eat well, train well. As I've gotten older, I've become more attentive to my body's needs, especially staying strong in the weight room for injury prevention.

Q: What was your most memorable race?

A: Running at the 2019 World Championships was unforgettable. It was my first time representing Team USA in a senior team, and earning that spot was a significant achievement. Competing in the 8 and 15 events was a highlight of my career.

Brannon from the Brooks Beasts drinking his Lyvecap probiotics out of a black Lyvecap bottle

Q: Can you share your experience with injury and recovery?

A: This season has been tough due to a knee injury. I recently underwent surgery and am currently rebuilding towards the Olympic trials next year. Dealing with long-term injury, from November to June, has been a challenging journey. But I'm focused on recovery and returning stronger.

Q: Why do you continue to run?

A: I run because I believe there's more in me. I chase my best, not perfection. It's about pushing my limits and seeing how far I can go.

Q: How do you balance your professional and personal life?

A: Travel is the most challenging part, but having a supportive network, including my wife who's also a runner, helps immensely. It's about managing time and adapting to the rhythm of the seasons.

Brannon Kidder running in a professional race

Q: What does being a part of the Brooks Beasts mean to you?

A: The team aspect is crucial. It's about cultural fit and camaraderie. I believe we're one of the best middle-distance teams out there, and being a part of this group is incredibly rewarding.

Q: Who have been your biggest inspirations?

A: I've been lucky to have great coaches and teammates like Garrett Heath and Drew Windell. My family's support has been unwavering, and they've been a huge part of my journey.

Q: What advice would you give to young athletes?

A: Consistency is key. Trust in your coaching and take a long-term approach. Understand and work within your genetic potential.

Brannon Kidder on the last leg of his race as a Brooks Beasts Track Club runner

Q: What are your career goals and do you have any pre-race rituals?

A: I'm focusing on upcoming competitions and records. As for rituals, I try to keep things consistent, focusing on preparation, nutrition, and mental toughness.

Brannon's story is a testament to the dedication and passion required in professional sports. With his sights set on future triumphs, his journey continues to inspire runners and athletes worldwide. "Making teams. Chasing Speed." That's the spirit of Brannon, a true embodiment of the Brooks Beasts ethos.