Meet the lyvecap athletes

U.S. National Rugby Team

Blaine Scully

"As a professional and international rugby player for the last decade, taking ownership of how you live and what you put into your body is critically important to continued performance on the field and a healthy lifestyle off it. Optimizing performance requires more than just eating well; it requires proven products backed by science to supplement and maximize nutrition. LYVECAP works to restore gut, strengthen immunity, and boost performance—scientifically. Since starting LYVECAP, I not only feel better, but my performance in training has improved. I am able to work harder, recover faster, and live healthier."

"When I began taking LYVECAP, I was skeptical; namely because there are multiple probiotics on the market, all claiming to be legit. As a competitive athlete I understand how important the gut is to overall health; but more importantly to how it affects my sleep and recovery. I have tried more than a dozen brands, and not a single one of them is as powerful and effective as LYVECAP. My sleep improved dramatically, and I was able to log my first 150 mile training week without feeling rundown. My energy levels have improved and a surprising bonus- my skin has gotten a lot better. I am so grateful to have finally found a probiotic that works!”

Professional Trail Runner

Sally McRae

“A healthy gut is everything; it is a true advantage in training. For me, [exercising] without LYVECAP is like driving without air in your tires.”

Olympic Trial Qualifier 2020

Shadrack Biwott

"I dance in a rigorous pre-professional dance program. I train several hours per day, and having good energy is vital. I have always taken a probiotic for my health, but I recently switched to LYVECAP. I soon realized that my day-to-day energy fluctuations were gone. Not only did my energy level seem better, but also more consistent. In the past, if my day started with an intense conditioning class, I felt short of energy for the rest of the day. That doesn’t happen anymore. Not only do I now have energy throughout the day, but my recovery time in between classes is quick. I highly recommend this probiotic to all athletes who are looking to up their game!!"

Pre-professional ballet dancer

Juliana Bellissimo

"I’m an ex-professional cyclist and now racing as a professional triathlete. I have been testing LYVECAP for about seven weeks or so. After a week of using it, I started feeling the benefits of sleeping better and digesting food a lot better. But the most significant benefit is the amount of energy I have every single day. My endurance has increased significantly. I used to struggle with longer sets of swimming, but nowadays, I can handle those huge loads of training without any problems. Thank you."


Ivan Dominguez

"I’ve been taking a probiotic most of my life, so I’ve always stayed well and, luckily, healthy overall. Being on LYVECAP gives me more stamina and energy to be able to work harder. I play tennis for about four hours and swim for about an hour and a half per day. The difference of being on my regular probiotic and LYVECAP is the amount of energy STRONG gives me."

Swimmer/Jr. Tennis player

Sterling Davies

"The probiotics helped me regulate my sleep and my overall levels of energy have increased. I recommend this product as a strong addition to a healthy diet."

Professional Tennis Player

Artem Sitak

"Essentially, STRONG has cut down my recovery time by a day or two. I’m used to having a few days shuffling to recover after a hard workout, race, or big effort. However, during the past two months, I’ve happily had to readjust my expectations. During the past two months, I’ve woken up less sore than normal and feeling stronger when I used to expect feeling beat. While I’m not magically faster, just getting fast isn’t what makes me happy. What makes me happy is having more days feeling strong and enjoying training in the mountains or on the road."

Ultra Runner

Clay Wilkes

"I am a weekend warrior. Working and balancing my family’s needs hasn’t slowed down even after entering several running events per year, including 50k trail runs and Grand Canyon Rim2Rim. While my body physically feels strong, I would bonk, unable to rebound or feel as “light” as I used to. I started LYVECAP and definitely noticed a difference in my muscle recovery, my ability to do back-to-back longer training days, and increased energy to carry me through life’s hurdles. I am excited to continue seeing its benefits, and can attest that it is not just top athletes who can benefit from LYVECAP.”

Ultra Runner

Lisa Barringer

"I have been competing in the sport of CrossFit for nine years and am pretty aware of how I am feeling day to day, month to month, and year to year. I always thought I was feeling pretty good until I started taking LYVECAP. I noticed that once I started taking STRONG, my energy was consistently better and I had better overall energy throughout all my workouts. It is proof that so much of our health starts in our gut, and the happier our bellies are, the happier the rest of us is."

Four-Time CrossFit Games Athlete

Annie Sakamoto

"Having a product like LYVECAP is a tremendous help to my body’s wellbeing. When competing week in and week out, body fatigue is inevitable. Since I’ve been on LYVECAP, my inflammation has gone down considerably and recovery has improved substantially. This allows me to be on the court for longer while feeling healthier than ever before."

Professional Tennis Player

Collin Altamirano

"Since starting LYVECAP, I have been less sore after workouts. I feel that my body has been recovering better and that I am getting more from my nutrition without changing the foods I have been eating. My mood has brightened and I have noticed a general increase in happiness on a daily basis. I am sleeping better at night and feeling more rested in the morning. My body feels like it’s functioning in a natural rhythm."

Pro Soccer, Sacramento Republic

Villyan Bijev

"I have been taking LYVECAP for a few months, and it has helped me keep my endurance up during intense workouts. I definitely feel it’s made a difference in my training."

Swimmer/Jr. Tennis Player

Aston Davies

"The first thing I noticed on LYVECAP is that my recovery time had increased by a day or two. I’m currently recovering from a knee surgery, and with that, I’m doing vigorous physical therapy and BFR (blood flow restrictive) training. Where I would usually struggle to move the next 24-48 hours due to extreme soreness and lactic acid build-up, I’m now feeling close to normal after a single night's rest. I’ve been so much more equipped to train hard again the very next day. I also sleep well at night. I wake up feeling well-rested and ready to take on the day. I’m super grateful for the opportunity to try this product out. I don’t ever want to get off of it. This product has set a new normality for my body that is clearly at a higher standard than before. I highly recommend STRONG for any athlete that wants to better themself on and off the field.”

Pro Soccer, San Antonio FC

Hayden Partain