Lyvecap athletes range from amateurs to Olympic performers across a wide variety of sports disciplines. Athletes are highly susceptible to gut and immunity-related issues as a result of intense training, disrupted sleep, environmental stressors, and extensive travel.

We understand that an athlete’s body is their greatest tool. It demands superior physiological support to maintain award-winning results. Lyvecap STRONG helps remedy gut disturbances and immunity problems that can slow down athletic performance.

Explore our athlete testimonials and read about their experiences using Lyvecap.

Shelby Rogers: Probiotic for athletes


Shelby Rogers
Professional Tennis
Michael Andrew: Probiotic for athletesMichael Andrew: Probiotic for athletes


Michael Andrew
Professional Swimmer Olympic Athlete American Record Holder
Sofie Babic: Probiotic for athletes


Sofie Babic
Professional Golf


Sterling Davies
Swimmer/Jr. Tennis player
Tenchi So: Probiotic for athletesTenchi So: Probiotic for athletes


Tenchi So


Aston Davies
Swimmer/Jr. Tennis player


Connie Ma
Collegiate Tennis
Talon: Probiotic for athletes


Professional Muay Thai Fighter
Villyan Bijev: Probiotic for athletesVillyan Bijev: Probiotic for athletes


Villyan Bijev
Professional Soccer, Oklahoma City Energy FC


Allie Buchalski
Professional Track Athlete


Collin Altamirano
Professional Tennis Player
Kate Courtney: Probiotic for athletesKate Courtney: Probiotic for athletes


Kate Courtney
American cross - Country mountain bike cyclist
Laurie Barton: Probiotic for athletes


Laurie Barton
Professional Runner
Blaine Scully: Probiotic for athletes


Blaine Scully
U.S. National Rugby Team
Kristen Faulkner: Probiotic for athletes


Kristen Faulkner
Professional Cyclist

Peace of Mind

Christopher Blevins
American Cyclist / 2021 Olympian / XCC World Champ
Juliana Belissimo: Probiotic for athletes


Juliana Belissimo
Professional Ballet Dancer
Jack Shipley: Probiotic for athletesJack Shipley: Probiotic for athletes


Jack Shipley
BMX Rider

A Clinically Studied Probiotic for Athletes

STRONG is our premier probiotic for athletes, created to target some of the critical issues that athletes face. Our proprietary formulation contains a blend of 8 bacterial strains clinically studied to work together synergistically in the gut.

Most athletes have rigorous wellness routines focused on training, nutrition and supplementation. A probiotic for athletes is the key to your exponential growth, ensuring your body has the tools necessary to push itself to the next level.

Your gut is a direct pathway to enhanced performance, recovery and overall wellness. Whether you are a professional athlete or an everyday health enthusiast focused on endurance, coordination, stamina and strength, Lyvecap STRONG is the missing link to your healthy lifestyle.


Lyvecap isn’t just a probiotic, it's a game-changer for athletes. Rooted in extensive clinical research, our unique formulation highlights the synergy between carefully selected probiotic strains, revealing a domino effect of benefits from the gut to every cell in your body. Discover the head-to-toe advantages that set Lyvecap apart in nurturing both gut health and peak performance.

The Lyvecap™ formulation synergistically interacts with the gut-brain axis, augmenting cognitive faculties crucial for athletic decision-making and concentration
The Lyvecap™ formulation supports immunological resilience through microbiome modulation, providing an environment conducive to accelerated physiological recovery and resistance to pathogenic challenges.
The Lyvecap™ Formulation has been clinically proven to attenuate post-exertional lactic acid accumulation, facilitating rapid muscular recovery and diminished exercise-induced discomfort.
The Lyvecap™ formulation stabilizes the hypoxia-inducible factor 1-alpha (HIF-1a), thereby optimizing systemic oxygen availability. This clinically-substantiated mechanism leads to improvements in VO2 max metrics, advantageous in both athletic performance and hypoxic conditions such as air travel or high altitudes.
The Lyvecap™ formulation enriches gastrointestinal microbial diversity, thereby improving digestive efficiency and nutrient assimilation.
The Lyvecap™ formulation demonstrates a multi-faceted approach to cardiovascular well-being. Clinically proven to both decrease VO2, mean heart rate, and blood lactate levels, it also enhances VO2 max. This dual action promotes cardiovascular efficiency and resilience, offering benefits crucial for athletes in both training and competition environments.
Cognitive health Immune support Reduction in Blood Lactate Increased Oxygenation Digestive Support Cardiovascular Health
Cognitive health Immune support Reduction in Blood Lactate Increased Oxygenation Digestive Support Cardiovascular Health



of the immune system is found in the gut. Naturally, athletes can suffer from immune depression due to high training load, stress, disrupted sleep, and environmental extremes; combined with being in high exposure situations like crowd exposure, travel, training, and competition locations. These variables make athletes vulnerable to acute illness.


of athletes experience some type of gut-related disturbance. Athletes are especially susceptible to increased gut permeability due to intense and prolonged exercise, especially when training in the heat. STRONG can protect you from gut troubles without sacrificing your performance or training.


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