Lyvecap athletes range from up-and-coming amateurs to professional and olympic level competitors. Here are a few of the athletes that have tried LYVECAP. Their experiences are unpaid, unfiltered, and real. Read about the real benefits each athlete experienced and how LYVECAP can help you reach peak performance.

“When I started LYVECAP, I immediately felt a difference in how much faster my body was able to recover. Practices and tournaments can really take a toll on the body, but LYVECAP has really helped me with recovery and reducing fatigue, allowing me to have better performance on and off the court.”

Connie Ma
Collegiate Tennis

“ Powerful ”

“ Balance ”

“As a professional and international rugby player for the last decade, taking ownership of how you live and what you put into your body is critically important to continued performance on the field and a healthy lifestyle off it.  Optimizing performance requires more than just eating well, it requires proven products backed by science to supplement and maximize nutrition. LYVECAP works to restore gut, strengthen  immunity and boost performance - scientifically. Since starting LYVECAP I not only feel better, but my performance in training has improved. I am able to work harder, recover faster and live healthier.”

Blaine Scully
U.S. National Rugby Team

“I’ve never realized how important gut health is! Since I’ve started using Lyvecap I feel the difference how my body responds and recovers faster after brutal sets. It also protects me from getting sick when traveling. I frequently when traveling get sniffles or congestion after a meet - I’ve not had that since starting on Lyvecap.”

Michael Andrew
Professional Swimmer
Olympic Athlete
American Record Holder

“ Energizing ”

“ Cutting-edge ”

“Since I started using Lyvecap, I am consistently achieving higher power output on long intervals than I was before. The science behind Lyvecap is well-validated and I will definitely continue using the product.”

Kristen Faulkner
Professional Cyclist

“I have always taken a probiotic for my health, but I recently switched to LYVECAP. I soon realized that my day to day energy fluctuations were gone. Not only did my energy level seem better, but also more consistent. In the past, if my day started with an intense conditioning class, I felt short of energy for the rest of the day. That doesn’t happen anymore. Not only do I now have energy throughout the day, my recovery time in between classes is quick. I know it is hard to believe, but I honestly feel like my energy level has doubled, and I know this improvement is from LYVECAP, because I have not changed anything else in my daily routine. I highly recommend this probiotic to all athletes who are looking to up their game!! ”

Juliana Belissimo
Professional Ballet Dancer

“ Vital ”

“ Reliable ”

“I have been taking LYVECAP for a few months and it has helped me keep my endurance up during intense workouts. I definitely feel its made a difference in my training”

Aston Davies
Swimmer/Jr. Tennis player

“Since starting Lyvecap I have been less sore after workouts. I feel that my body has been recovering better and that I am getting more from my nutrition without changing the foods I have been eating. My mood has brightened and I have noticed a general increase in happiness on a daily basis. I am sleeping better at night and feeling more rested in the morning. My body feels like it’s in a natural rhythm functioning.”

Villyan Bijev
Professional Soccer, Oklahoma City Energy FC


“ Essential ”

“I’ve been taking a probiotic most of my life, so I’ve always stayed well and luckily overall healthy. Being on STRONG gives me more stamina and energy to be able to work harder. I play tennis for about 4 hours and swim for about an hour and a half per day. The difference of being on my regular probiotic and STRONG is the amount of energy it gives me.”

Sterling Davies
Swimmer/Jr. Tennis player

“Having a product like LYVECAP is a tremendous help to my body's wellbeing. With competing week in and week out body fatigue is inevitable. Since I’ve been on LYVECAP my inflammation has gone down considerably and recovery has improved substantially. Allowing me to be on the court for longer while feeling healthier than ever before.”

Collin Altamirano
Professional Tennis Player

“ Robustness ”

“ Proven ”

“What you put in your body is such a huge investment to your success. Before taking LYVECAP, I didn’t always feel balanced. My stomach would feel blown up, I would feel nauseous and low on energy then have to go practice. It sucked. Since taking LYVECAP I haven’t felt any of that. My stomach feels balanced, I have good energy and good recovery. My whole body feels balanced and is at peace. I feel confident in LYVECAP helping me take care of my body and wellness.”

Sofie Babic
Professional Golf

"When I began taking LYVECAP, I was skeptical; namely because there are multiple probiotics on the market, all claiming to be legit. As a competitive athlete I understand how important the gut is to overall health; but more importantly to how it affects my sleep and recovery. I have tried more than a dozen brands, and not a single one of them is as powerful and effective as LYVECAP. My sleep improved dramatically, and I was able to log my first 150 mile training week without feeling rundown. My energy levels have improved and a surprising bonus- my skin has gotten a lot better. I am so grateful to have finally found a probiotic that works!”

Sally McRae
Professional Runner

“ Necessary”

“Lyvecap made a difference in my health very quickly. I feel like it improved my digestive system and I felt more balanced and had more energy throughout the day. I wish this was around during my playing days.”

Nick Johnson

"I have been using this product for a month now and it has completely changed the way I feel and the time it takes me to recover. My energy level increased and I am able to recover a lot quicker than before.”

Panna Udvardy
Professional Tennis

“ Energy ”

“ Essential / Convenient ”

“I started using Lyvecap and noticed my recovery improving about 2 weeks later. It’s a great addition to my morning routine, helps me hydrate first thing in the morning, tastes good, and is easy to use. I love that it’s really convenient to travel with and manage while on the tour. It gives me confidence knowing that I’m taking care of my body the right way.”

Shelby Rogers
Professional Tennis