Against All Odds: Laurie Barton's Triumph Over Disease and Resilient Rise as a Pro Runner

A close up of Laurie Barton smiling holding her hand to her chin during a practice for the Brooks Beasts in Seattle Washington

Laurie Barton is a professional runner who recently joined Brooks Beasts Running Team in Seattle, Washington. Laurie has faced many struggles throughout her running career but remained dedicated to her goals and driven by her strong faith. 

She finished her collegiate career at Clemson University as a 3x ACC champion and a 2x NCAA runner-up in the 800m. Laurie is a Lyvecap athlete, and we’re excited to watch her career continue to unfold in the future. This article will dive into the moments and memories that made Laurie who she is today. 

The Origins of Her Love for Running

Laurie grew up in central South Carolina, participating in organized sports from a young age. She used to be in gymnastics but always knew she had a gift for running. When she went to high school, she ran track for four years, improving her skills as an amateur athlete. 

Laurie planned to be a physical therapist in college, although she continued running for Clemson University as a collegiate athlete. During her senior year of college, she began training competitively after facing some major health setbacks. When she graduated from Clemson, she decided to pursue professional running. 

Laurie’s Journey Overcoming Injury and Disease

Laurie Barton running for Clemson University

A few years into college, Laurie suffered from Plantar Fasciitis, an inflammation of the tissue that runs across the bottom of the foot into the heel. She could barely walk, let alone train consistently, which held her back from taking her running to the next level. During this time, she was facing a lot of injuries, only to be diagnosed with kidney disease, a debilitating condition that changed the trajectory of her career. 

In her junior year of college, Laurie was being treated for kidney disease, which included being on Prednisone for a year, a medication that suppresses the immune system and decreases illness-related inflammation. She had to undergo infusion therapy to try to reclaim her health and mitigate the effects of her immune dysfunction.

Since she was facing such a serious illness, Laurie couldn’t train for over a year. She was planning to go back to running but kept relapsing, which made her reconsider what would be possible for her as an athlete. 

She has an amazing support system in her life, including friends, family and her coach, who encouraged her to continue striving toward her goals. Today she is running professionally and accomplishing more than she ever thought possible. Laurie says, “My eighth-grade self never imagined that I would be here today.” Her struggles fueled her passion, built her resilience and strengthened her gratitude for running. She sees running as a gift. Every day that she gets to train is a reminder of the adversity she overcame to get there.

Laurie’s Wellness Must-Haves

Laurie Barton holding the Lyvecap bottle

Lyvecap is the first thing in her morning routine, greatly improving her sleep and chronic digestion issues. In the past, she would wake up with stomach pains, which have ceased since starting Lyvecap. Her recovery and performance have both been enhanced by adding STRONG to her daily regimen. 

Laurie also practices gratitude daily and constantly reminds herself of her purpose. She runs to glorify God and enjoy the gift he is giving her. Remaining present in her life has always been an important part of staying mentally, physically, and spiritually strong. Regarding training, she uses Voodoo Floss bands for joint mobility, rolls out her muscles daily, and never starts training without a warm-up routine. 

Advice to Young Aspiring Athletes 

She would tell young athletes not to take themselves so seriously and have fun with it. It’s easy to fall into the mindset of “I have to do this. I have to get better. I have to achieve.” Her advice is to trust the process, appreciate the small successes, and enjoy every moment of your progress. The low moments don’t take you down when you remain positive and grateful for the ability to perform. 

Laurie’s Career Today

Laurie Barton running in a black and white photo for the Brooks Beasts

In 2021, Laurie had the choice of spending one more year at Clemson or going pro with Brooks Beast Track Club. Thankfully, she made the decision to join Brooks, and she has loved it ever since. Laurie runs the 800 and is currently working towards breaking her record of 2 minutes flat. When she isn’t training or competing, she has been coaching athletes on the side and is considering pursuing fitness training more in the future. We can’t wait to witness Laurie’s achievements as she advances her career with the Brooks Beasts in Seattle.