Beyond the Ring: Talon Germain's Journey to Muay Thai Mastery and Personal Resilience

Talon Germain looks off into the distance while wearing his boxing gloves

Talon Germain is a professional Muay Thai fighter who works assiduously every day to get one step closer to his goals, not only for himself but his family. As one of our Lyvecap athletes, we wanted to highlight Talon's journey from childhood to today. Aside from his performance alone, Talon is more than just an athlete. He is a man of integrity and resilience, committed to overcoming the obstacles it takes to be a champion.

We are inspired by his story and hope it serves as a beacon of hope for fellow dream-chasers, aspiring athletes, and younger individuals who need a reminder that they are capable of anything they set their minds to. 

Childhood and Humble Beginnings of Training Martial Arts

Talon Germain holds his boxing gloves up to his face

Talon's philosophy on his childhood is that he had it better than most, but not as good as some. His father left at a young age, so his mom spent the majority of her time working to provide for the household. Talon was the youngest sibling out of four, with a six-year age gap between him and the sibling before him. When he was a child, his brothers and sisters were already going to middle and high school. Consequently, he was responsible for raising himself and leaning on his siblings for support.

His brother was training in martial arts when Talon was young, and he grew up watching martial arts movies on repeat with his siblings. At the age of seven, he started kickboxing classes, which was his first introduction to training. Although he didn't stick with it as a young boy, this embedded a passion for the sport that he would later carry out.

When Talon was in late elementary school, his mom sent his siblings to live with his dad. During these years, he spent a lot of time alone, hanging out with his friends, and leaning on his peers as a support system. Around the age of ten, Talon started training martial arts at a local gym near his house. His siblings were his friends, so when they were gone, he used training as an outlet from his home life.

From a young age, Talon knew he had the potential to be successful at the sport. There was always a relentless passion inside of him that motivated his training, bringing him back to martial arts time and time again throughout his life. Talon's hardship as a child grew his experiences to keep moving forward and find gratitude for everything in life that God has given him.

At the end of the day, he holds an appreciation for his family and all they did to raise him, even when circumstances weren't ideal. His grit was formed from a young age, and that is a character asset he wouldn't trade for the world.

Talon's Training Evolution Throughout Adolescence

A photo of Talon's bag and boxing gloves

Throughout elementary school, Talon was consistently training for years and even competed a few times at his gym. He was home-schooled during middle school and stopped training at his gym due to financial restraints. Talon wasn't very active during those years, although he always missed martial arts.

At the beginning of high school, Talon's mom moved from California to the East Coast for work, so he lived at home with his college-aged sister. His mom got him to attend a high school in a better area by using his cousin's address, so he would ride his bike miles every day to the school across town. During freshman year of high school, Talon's cousin encouraged him to try out for the wrestling team. He made the team, and soon after, wrestling became his main motivation to make it to school every day.

Although he kept wrestling through Sophomore year, it eventually became too much for him to ride his bike to school every day. He decided to move to the East Coast with his mom, although his coach encouraged him to keep wrestling, as he saw real talent in him over those two years.

When he got to Virginia, he continued wrestling, eventually making his way back to California his senior year. Talon wrestled half of the year on the West Coast until enduring some struggles with his mom. Since she worked for an airline company, they could fly for free with points, resulting in a few months of flying from Virginia to California every week.

At the end of high school ceased …should it be once high school ended? his wrestling training, but he knew he wanted to find a local gym to stay active. In Virginia, Talon found a Jiu-Jitsu gym that he began attending and quickly became introduced to Muay Thai, which has become his constant ever since. Talon eventually left college to fight martial arts full-time. Throughout the years, he had different jobs, but he could never shake his passion for fighting. "Every turn in my life has led me back to fighting, it's a part of me," Talon says.

The Pursuit of Facing Your Fears and Answering the "What If?"

A photo of Talon Germain walking down the street

Nearly every morning Talon wakes up for training, he has to push past the negative self-talk and doubts that come with following an alternative life path. The thing that keeps him motivated on challenging days is his pursuit of the "what if?" Talon strives to constantly push himself out of his comfort zone and train his brain to show up every day, regardless of how he feels.

By pushing through the barriers of convenience, he aspires to constantly level up his career, performance and capabilities. Talon recalls, "It’s this thing inside of you that can’t be tamed, to get better, to get stronger. You have the self-responsibility to push yourself against the best fighters and constantly level up; to maximize your potential every day."

Talon recently faced one of his fears when he went to Thailand for three months to train, and fight against three Thai fighters. "Thailand is very hard living, and it's nothing like it is here in the states. Thai’s are some of the best Muay Thai fighters in the world. Many of them are raised from a young age to train to support their family. It was an incredibly humbling experience to witness everything firsthand," Talon shares.

When he got ready for his first fight, Talon recalls the fear he felt walking into an authentic Thai gym in Bangkok, going up against some of the most skilled opponents. Through his fear he had to remind himself that he had been training his whole life for this—he was prepared for this moment.

After three months, he eventually returned home but looks forward to future opportunities where he can go back. Experiences like this are what keep Talon pushing forward through the good and bad days. He always feels like he is one fight, one sparing session, one experience away from transforming his career. The pursuit of his "what if?" is the relentless fire that never stops burning, the guiding light that keeps him moving forward.

The Struggles of Pursuing Life as a Professional Muay Thai Fighter

A photo of Talon Germain, professional Muay Thai fighter, stretching

Talon has plenty of people that support his career, but at the end of the day, there is always pushback when you have bills to pay. He’s had many points in his life when he debated giving up to get a 'real job,' however, he couldn’t ever get himself to walk away from fighting. He knows that champions aren't made overnight. " It’s you out there doing everything, steering the entire ship. If you don’t use it you lose it. You have to get your 10,000 hours no matter what," says Talon.

Talon's children and soon-to-be-wife are incredibly important to him, and he strives to build a life where he can be present every day with his family while providing for their needs. His faith in his creator and his self-belief keep him going through the good and bad days.

Talon admits, it can be difficult to pursue your dreams as a fighter while providing for your family. In many ways, it feels like he had too much to do and not enough time. Although, he remains steadfast in his goals, led by an appreciation for the opportunities he's been given.

In his mind, the best way to show his kids that they can chase their dreams with 100% effort is by not giving up on his own dreams. He will continue to put himself in the fire of what scares him the most, to inspire his kids that they can do the same thing one day.

Talon's Advice to Young, Aspiring Muay Thai Fighters

A photo of Talon Germain practicing for his match

Talon would tell young Muay Thai fighters to keep fighting no matter what. When life gets hard and you are unsure of yourself, your future, and your potential--always keep fighting. He believes if you train hard it will translate into every category of your life. Muay Thai training builds a mental, physical and emotional fortitude that has played a huge role in his life today.

"Whatever you do, whether it's work, school, family life, hobbies, or something else—training will always give you a safe space. It's a discipline that will constantly push you forward. Always keep your goal in mind, and martial arts will give you the confidence and skill to keep bettering yourself. It creates this tenacity inside of you that's irreplaceable," Talon shares.

Talon's Fitness Non-Negotiables and Wellness Routines

Talon Germain wears white boxing gloves and a black Lyvecap shirt, he is shadowboxing

Talon has been plant-based for 16 years, which he feels plays a huge role in his ability to perform, live injury-free, and bounce back after long training days. Talon has never had any health problems, or major injuries, which is surprising with such a physical sport. Eating plant-based has been his most consistent wellness habit throughout most of his life, and it's something he sees himself sticking to forever.

In many ways, eating holistically translates to who he is and his style of martial arts. He feels like he is able to live on a higher frequency by eating the colors of the rainbow and mainly focusing on high antioxidant and mineral intake.

"Your body is meant to heal itself; it's built to be an efficient running machine. I eat to fuel my routines. I think it's really important to use food as medicine. In my opinion, our bodies are a garden, not a graveyard. In today's world, most people's brains and guts aren't working properly, so diet is really important to me," Talon explains.

Alongside his holistic lifestyle, Lyvecap has been a huge part of his wellness routine. He trusts that it's a clean supplement he can rely on to maintain high energy levels, improve his performance and shorten recovery times. It’s the fuel he needs to feel his best; STRONG is a great asset to his pure and potent lifestyle routines.

Future Aspirations and Talon’s Goals Moving Forward

Talon strives to keep growing his Muay Thai career, competing against some of the big names and eventually fighting MMA in the United States. His dream would be to live half of the year in Thailand and the other half in the US. He would love to open a small gym someday, emulating in other fighters the same gifts his coaches gave him.

He knows that martial arts is a vehicle that will give him a larger platform to fulfill a deeper purpose. Talon is determined to work tirelessly until he reaches his full potential, as a fighter and father. At the end of the day, he wants to reach new heights so he can provide for his family and be around them as much as possible.

"I never want to miss out on things with my children. When I went to Thailand for three months, it was hard on them. My childhood made me aware of what I want to give my kids. I want to show my family that anything is possible, but I'm committed to making sure my family is peaceful and fulfilled every step of the way. My goal is to build a career where I can be physically present with my wife and kids all the time," Talon says.

More Than Just an Athlete: Talon Germain

Talon Germain looks off into the distance wearing a black Lyvecap hat

When Talon isn't training, he enjoys trying out new vegan restaurants, spending quality time with his family, and going to the beach. Nature is where he decompresses, so he strives to be outdoors as much as possible. Most of his evenings are spent playing with his kids, making sure he is as active in their lives every day. Aside from Muay Thai, Talon is always looking to expand his mind and his knowledge through books, documentaries, and more.

We are honored to have Talon as one of our Lyvecap athletes. He is a symbol of the true gifts of hard work, dedication, and resilience. Talon lives by his goal of sticking to his truth, and never getting caught up in what society wants him to do. He knows he isn't in control of anything, but leans on God through the good and the bad.

By taking it a day at a time, Talon is able to constantly get closer to maximizing his full potential and hopefully one day fully answering his "what if?."