Strength, Spirit, and Soccer: The Life of Pro Athlete Villyan Bijev

Villyan Bijev looking off into the distance holding a soccer ball with a building behind him

Villyan Bijev is a professional soccer player whose life story exemplifies his dedication, devotion, and character. The warrior spirit that makes him an exceptional athlete started at a young age. With time, Villyan has built the pillars of strength that allow him to keep moving forward.

Villyan’s friends and family serve as the backbone of his work. His commitment to health and wellness propels his body to perform at peak levels. Most importantly, his altruism has driven him to give back to others that are pursuing their goals. His ethos and workmanship are an inspiration. Here is the story behind Villyan Bijev.

Beginnings, Triumphs, and Setbacks

Villyan Bijev holding a soccer ball


Villyan was born on  January 1993 in Bulgaria, the same year that the Bulgarian national soccer team claimed their most notable victory. On November 17th, 1993 the Bulgarian Men’s National Team beat the French National Team. This gained them entrance into the 1994 World Cup, where they went on to earn fourth place.

Villyan’s father was a monumental inspiration in his soccer career. As a young boy, his dad took him to soccer matches in Bulgaria. Although he was too young to remember, the stories feel like guiding forces in Villyan’s life. Whether you believe in destiny or coincidence, Villyan’s timeline was gearing him up for a success story of his own.

“I remember my dad took me to my first professional soccer match. I don’t remember it but I was probably 2 or 3 years old, maybe 4. I think we also went and watched Bulgaria’s national team play against Italy in Bulgaria. I was super young at the time so I don’t have any memories of it. But he speaks very fondly of it,” Villyan recalls.

Villyan and his family moved to the United States in 1998. The first sport he went on to play was soccer. Villyan says, “My dad initiated my interest in soccer then once it grew it was kind of too big to be self-contained.” He wouldn’t be where he is today without his family as a support system. His father recognized Villyan’s potential and encouraged him to stay committed to his goals.

 Villyan spent his adolescence playing competitively on local and academy teams. A pivotal moment in his journey occurred when he was sixteen playing on a local US Academy team. A college coach came to visit his team, with some discouraging words about their ability to excel in the sport. He said the chances were slim that any of them would play college level, let alone play professionally.

Villyan recounts this as a turning point in his career. He remembers thinking, “What does this guy know, like are you kidding me? I know I’m going to be a professional. What is he even talking about?”

Villyan’s tongue-in-cheek response proves his unwavering drive. Despite all odds, Villyan knew that he was capable of accomplishing anything he set his mind to. He later went on to say, “From that moment it just kind of clicked. It just clicked that that’s what I wanted to do with my life and for some reason, I believed it beyond a doubt.”

Success doesn’t come easy, and thankfully Villyan had people in his corner to keep his spirits high.“Anytime I didn’t make a cut or I didn’t make a tryout or I didn’t get picked for the team they all kind of piled up and motivated me to work even harder to prove people wrong,” Villyan shares.

The Importance of Community

Villyan Bijev running with a soccer ball

To this day Villyan’s professional dream is to play in the top division of US soccer, the MLS. He works to continuously expand himself and widen his threshold of potential, both on and off the field. He’s committed to always keeping his priorities in check, and never letting success get in the way of what’s important in life.

Villyan recounts, “I‘ve always been someone who has held personal relationships in high regard and they’ve always been important to me. If something’s important to you I truly believe you make time for it.” Being an elite athlete is a rigorous task. It places immense weight on a person's body, mind and spirit. Villyan maintains clarity in his life by leaning on those around him. He knows that if all the success were taken away, he would still have his loved ones. 

A Lifestyle of Strength

Villyan Bijev using a Lyvecap bottle to drink his high potency probiotics

As a performer, Villyan strives to care for his health and constantly evolve his regimen. He wants to ensure that when he stops playing soccer it’s of his own volition, not as a result of illness or injury. He focuses on balanced nutrition to soothe the inflammation that comes from strenuous training.

The newest addition to his routine is using Lyvecap STRONG to support better performance and recovery. Villyan stated, “I notice I’m less sore after workouts and my sleep consistency is better.” While he loves to experiment with new modalities to feel his best, he also has a passion for educating himself on the process.

In his free time, Villyan has taken nutrition and biology courses to help him understand the human body. He enjoys meditation and breaking down psychology to implement new methods to quiet his mind. Villyan continues taking strides to care for himself effectively as an athlete, son, brother, and companion to many. Being an athlete is a way of life, and it takes precision to cultivate a lifestyle of strength.

Commitment To Uplifting Others

Villyan Bijev giving back in his non-profit

Villyan’s success inspired him to give back to others. He came from an immigrant family and holds deep empathy for the financial strain imposed by extracurricular activities. He knows he wouldn’t be where he is today without external support.

Villyan strives to be that helping hand for children that want to pursue their dreams. He started the Villyan Bijev Passback Foundation to provide kids with the tools and resources to achieve their soccer goals. If you want to join Villyan in his efforts you can head to

Villyan Bijev is more than an elite performer. He strives to find fulfilment in his sport, not just pursue a credible title. His values are the foundation of his resilient spirit. Villyan is a reminder that anything is possible when you work hard and approach every situation with authenticity. We’re proud to call him a Lyvecap athlete and look forward to what the future holds for Villyan.